A collaborative video project by Nicholas Pankhurst

A collaborative video project by Nicholas Pankhurst

Local residents are invited to share their images, drawings, writings and audio recording of their experience of the Wetlands.

Inspired by Paul Klee’s idea of taking a drawn line for a walk, this project will be a collection of the images we find in our imaginations of the Walthamstow Wetlands. Open to all, the images will be collected and curated by the artist Nicholas Pankhurst into a kind of filmic tapestry of the Wetlands for our time, to be enjoyed anywhere. Contributors and lovers of the Wetlands are invited to share their images by emailing them in or sharing them on Instagram. Images and sounds will be collected and will develop as the project unfolds. The artist will then select and manipulate all the images and sounds into a film and soundscape that will be hosted online here and will be shown at the Walthamstow Wetland centre for visitors who are able to access the site safely to enjoy.


How to be involved

Everyone is invited by the Artist to share images, drawings and sound with him. These can be drawings made on-site or from the imagination, photographs from a walk through the wetlands or sound recordings. Anything that is related to your experience of the Walthamstow Wetlands Centre is welcome. The images sent in will be coloured and collaged together and become part of the work.

Be part of it! Share your love of the Wetlands. You don’t need to be a great photographer!

Email entries to zigzagwalthamstow@gmail.com

Instagram: #zigzagwalthamstow

What happens next?

Over the course of the project, Nicholas will weave the images and sounds into a film, like a tapestry of the way visitors to the wetlands experience it. The video will be available to online and will be shown at the Walthamstow wetland centre.


About Nicholas Pankhurst

Nicholas Pankhurst is an artist who has been working with Waltham Forest for the past year as the artist in residency for the 2019 Borough of Culture. He made works for and about Walthamstow and the William Morris Gallery. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and he lives and works in London. His work is often about colour, layers, collages and how we relate to them. This project is a continuation of his research into the Bauhaus and Paul Klee and the interaction in multiple ownership of ideas.

For more information please visit www.nicholaspankhurst.com


A Project for Virtual Culture Waltham Forest

Inspired by theorist Guy Debord’s idea of psychogeography which was taken from by the French nineteenth-century poet and writer Charles Baudelaire’s concept of the flâneur – ‘an urban wanderer’. Debord suggests playful and inventive ways of navigating the urban environment in order to examine its architecture and spaces. This project aims to be an inclusive and fun way to experience the Walthamstow Wetlands, making us all into Urban Wanderers.